New year, same you?

It’s almost over, just days left and another year in the Gregorian calendar ends. And let’s be pretty fair, we’ve heard it a million times that it’s not been the best year for a lot of us; with heartbreaking events such as Syria’s violence, the Bastille Day terror attack and the death of Harambe.

Whilst browsing social media, I’ve noticed that many of us blame this year to be the worst year for ourselves, but is that really the case? If it is our actions which determine whether or not the times are good for us, then to what extent are we really eligible in blaming ISIS, Trump and the zookeeper who shot a gorilla for our misfortune. Rather than blaming what’s happened this year on “society as a whole”, we need to start appreciating that we ourselves are part of this society that we always look down on and frown upon. We need to start acknowledging the effects that our actions have on others, because otherwise, what are we but a bunch of hypocrites?

It seems as if we all want change, we all want Aleppo’s crisis to end. We all want to see love and peace and harmony. We want to see acceptance of different people, of different genders, religions, and backgrounds – but when will all this happen? Definitely not until we stand to make a change to our own mindsets! 

I hope this above quote has some meaning to you, that it inspires you to do something positive in the new year and become more aware of your role in society, as you may not have a direct impact on many of the negative experiences people across the world go through, but instead, have a butterfly effect through your daily actions.

Soooo enjoy the last few days that 2016 has to offer, and we hope you wake up with a fresh aim of making minor positive changes to yourself and ultimately acknowledge the wider, better impacts this will have on (y)our society.


Wishing you the best for the new year, 

The mindset growth network 





Light your candles! 🕯🕯

First of all, the mindset growth network wishes you and your families a very very Happy Diwali filled with love, peace prosperity! 

Diwali is a special day for billions of people, a celebration which means so much for Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and even some Buddhists. It marks the day of good against evil, hope against despair and light against dark. 

However, in today’s world, where does this exist? Here are some facts about our planet for this year (

  • 4332051 hectares of forest lost this year 
  • 5818659 hectares of land lost to soil erosion
  •  757907500 malnourished people in the world this year
  • 34912039 abortions this year 

These are just a fraction of figures, and although the world has grown in the  light of economic prosperity and technological advancement – we have put our selves in a dark room. A planet of no spiritual or moral light. Out of the 195 countries on our planet today … Only 11 are free from conflict. At times it seems like earth itself is becoming hell as we pass the period of kalyug (age of downfall).

So this Diwali, we ask you to think about where you can find your spiritual  light and your moral light and how that will overcome the ignorance of humanity that lies around you. 

Think of everything you can do to make this planet a better place … For yourself, your families, your friends and ultimately for the 7 billion humans around you.  As Gandhi famously said “Be the change you want to see in the world”. A small change towards a positive mindset and attitude to our planet, will make a big difference to planet earth itself.

And once again, Happy Diwali! – The Mindset Growth Network 🙌

The start of a new journey! ♥

Hello Everyone!

As the month of October sits in, without a doubt, we feel like doing the same. Going to wherever you go on a daily basis becomes more of a mission than it already is, especially on Monday’s. We force ourselves throughout the week to think that the weekend is one day closer and finally we can have a lie in and do something we really love (watching Netflix – to be precise).

But it doesn’t have to be that way … 

…… because life’s just too damn short! We shouldn’t have to force ourselves to do things, and we should at least remove the negativity out of our minds of having to suffer through 5 days (6 for some) to get only a day’s rest.
Likewise, we don’t always need to be bogged down by stress and panic, about “when will I meet this deadline” or “how will i manage the new project set”. We have limited time, and the goal is to make something of yourself. After all, we are humans, and the only known species to have such intellectual minds so we shouldn’t waste that precious gem just by eating meals and paying bills *sigh*

And that’s why we’re here!

The Mindset Growth Network is essentially a group of youths, who have been sending quotes, motivational posts and videos alongside paragraphs of text to help build positivity in what we do. And although we all can tell you a different story, we use the same motives that a fellow group member will post to positively work our ways to our own success.

We hope you enjoy reading our blogs, and most of all, benefit from them by building your own self esteem. Let’s be honest here …. no one has time to waste, so we should all make the most of what we’ve been gifted with!