The start of a new journey! ♥

Hello Everyone!

As the month of October sits in, without a doubt, we feel like doing the same. Going to wherever you go on a daily basis becomes more of a mission than it already is, especially on Monday’s. We force ourselves throughout the week to think that the weekend is one day closer and finally we can have a lie in and do something we really love (watching Netflix – to be precise).

But it doesn’t have to be that way … 

…… because life’s just too damn short! We shouldn’t have to force ourselves to do things, and we should at least remove the negativity out of our minds of having to suffer through 5 days (6 for some) to get only a day’s rest.
Likewise, we don’t always need to be bogged down by stress and panic, about “when will I meet this deadline” or “how will i manage the new project set”. We have limited time, and the goal is to make something of yourself. After all, we are humans, and the only known species to have such intellectual minds so we shouldn’t waste that precious gem just by eating meals and paying bills *sigh*

And that’s why we’re here!

The Mindset Growth Network is essentially a group of youths, who have been sending quotes, motivational posts and videos alongside paragraphs of text to help build positivity in what we do. And although we all can tell you a different story, we use the same motives that a fellow group member will post to positively work our ways to our own success.

We hope you enjoy reading our blogs, and most of all, benefit from them by building your own self esteem. Let’s be honest here …. no one has time to waste, so we should all make the most of what we’ve been gifted with!



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